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The Rebeltinger... is an unassuming creature. It mainly feeds on traditional Bavarian woodwinds and percussion instruments. From time to time, it also gobbles up small e-scooters. It poses no threat to humans. However, you should beware of its sound waves. If they come into contact with the ear canal, the victims start dancing on the spot, spinning in circles and singing as if in a trance.

This specimen is the only one ever to be put on display worldwide.

If you want to catch a Rebeltinger, you need to head into the woods on a full moon night, armed with a stroboscope, a bag full of old records, an MP3 player and a large subwoofer. Legend has it that the Rebeltinger only shows itself to young, attractive women accompanied by a “good and proper disc jockey”. Once you have assembled everything you need, all you have to do is set up the record collection and the subwoofer in front of the Rebeltinger’s cave. The stroboscope must be placed in front of the MP3 player to attract the Rebeltinger. Should the curious creature emerge from its cave, all you need to do is lure it behind the subwoofer with the record collection and boom…….. and then close it tightly.

Title: Rebeltinger
Artists: Manuel Reisacher & Dietmar Hirsch
Material: construction foam, old motorcycle parts, various tubes and cables, MP3
Size: 60 x 30 x 40 cm
Shipping Fee: Euro 60

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    Germany, NRW, Wipperfürth
    Fähnrichstüttem 7
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